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recognizing how small we are in reference to the universe. Ours is the
moral responsibility as heirs of God the Father, as the most privileged
creatures on Earth, who recognize the rights and the obligations of
each human generations for the just enjoyment of Earth's treasures,
preserving the environment clean and healthy, trying to eliminate or to
diminish pollution, and even modifying our way of thinking and talking
about Nature, applying moral
principles to our relations with
We also stated that God
offers to us a legacy for
legitimate use, for our sustain,
and for the enjoyment of the
beauty and other features of the
natural world that appeal to our
senses. With these privileges we
have the obligation to preserve
life in every form, not only for
our own good, but also for the
generations to come.
Theme 1 refer to the
greatness and the beauty of Creation, which calls for the adoration and
praise of the Lord. Among the quotations are the verses from Psalm
19, 24, 29, 33, selection from Job 12, 7-12 and Revelation 4,11.
The topic is introduced with some familiar examples to which
persons may relate easily, as they are asked to seek out the reasons for
adoring and praising the Lord of all Creation.
Theme 2 concentrates on the great diversity of the gifts of
Creation, what scientists refer to as biological diversity or
biodiversity. We must give thanks to the Lord for all we personally
experience as gifts of nature, starting with our own life as God's gift,
and for all that makes life on Earth possible for people in different
parts of the Earth.
Selections for meditation include among other Psalms 104,
Psalm 50, and other forms of thanksgiving from the Scriptures. But it
is also
Earth from Space - NASA phot