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Turning Toward Life

an invitation to explore
reverence for life as a spiritual path
selected and edited by Dennis Rivers, MA

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:

Steps toward an interfaith community focused on reverence
for life
-- by Dennis Rivers and friends

Chapter 2:

Forming Spiritual Base Communities in the USA
-- by Gene Knudsen Hoffman

Chapter 3:

Albert Schweitzer's Affirmations of Reverence for Life
-- by Prof. Marvin Meyer, Chapman University
(a document from the Library of the Albert Schweitzer Institute)

Chapter 4:

Profiles of Wangari Maathai, Kenyan Protector of Forests

Chapter 5:

Excerpts from the writings of Ken Saro-Wiwa , Nigerian
ecology and human rights activist

Chapter 6:

Two Essays by Joanna Macy:

Sarvodaya Means Everybody Wakes Up
-- Peace, Ecology and Community in War-Torn Sri Lanka

9-11 and the Heart of the World

Chapter 7:

The Ten Commandmants of Ecological Spirituality
-- by Eugene C. Bianchi, PhD

Chapter 8:

Eco-Spirituality in a Latin-American Context
-- by Sophie Jakowska, PhD

Chapter 9:

An Introduction to Native American Spirituality
-- by Donna Ladkin

Chapter 10:

What Spirituality is All About
-- by Rabbi Michael Lerner

Chapter 11:

My Journey Into the Heart of Nature
-- by Francene Hart

Chapter 12:

An Ecology of Devotion
-- by Dennis Rivers

Chapter 13:

Earth as Sacred Space
-- by Vijali