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Forming Spiritual Base Communities

About Interhelp (1988) :::
INTERHELP is a global network of people who strive to integrate
political, emotional and spiritual dimensions in our work for a peaceful
and just world. Our programs and projects provide people with an
opportunity to share their deepest responses to the dangers which
threaten our planetbe they dangers of nuclear holocaust,
environmental degeneration, or human oppression.
We aim to enable people to know the power that comes from their
interconnectedness with all life and to move beyond powerlessness and
numbness, into action. In addition to workshops, trainings, community
gatherings, and other programs, Interhelp also provides support and
resources for those wishing to organize and facilitate such programs,
and for others whose projects share an affinity with our goals and
P.O. Box 8895
Madison, WI 53708