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In reaching toward the infinite,
I am brought back to my own heart,
to the life that lives within me as love,
to the life that reaches toward people and plants and animals as
to the life in us capable of cherishing the presence in the now of all
future generations,
to the life in you and me that intuits
and celebrates the presence in us
of a life and love greater than our own.
Dennis Rivers lives, writes, and teaches in Santa Barbara, California.
Dennis is one of the founding participants in Turn Toward Life, an eco-
spiritual, anti-nuclear affinity group and community without walls
dedicated to exploring reverence for life as a spiritual path. This essay
appears in the Summer, 2003, issue of EarthLight Magazine
( ) and is part of Turning Toward Life , a free web book
about reverence for life as a spiritual path. To read the book, please visit
the web site. Denniss various books and essays
are available free of charge at .